Young Adult Fantasy

Daughter of The Moon

Sixteen-year-old Miri wants to fit in but she has albinism.  Her appearance isn’t the only thing that makes her different; she also catches glimpses of the future.  When she predicts her reluctant fiance's death, she is sold to The Oracle where her uniqueness is an asset, not a curse.  

There, the Mother Oracle wants to manipulate her into elevating The Oracle’s status and the prince tries to charm her into smoothing his way to the throne.   

But Miri has an agenda of her own. However, even though she can prophesy for her devotees, she can’t foresee the destruction in her own future. Her attempts at exerting her influence by delivering false prophecy have devastating consequences.  As a result, Miri feels she doesn’t belong at The Oracle anymore, but will she give up being special in an effort to be ordinary?

Middle  Grade Fantasy



When twelve-year-old Marin is orphaned, she moves in with a stranger she calls Grandmother.  She is dazzled by fine dining and indoor plumbing but cries herself to sleep in her featherbed, stifled by grief and secrets.


But, Marin discovers an enchanted waterglobe where, inside, the minutes only advance when the clockwork is wound and springtime is eternal.  She befriends Charlotte, who has been suspended in time and missing for two decades.  Both girls prefer the warmth of their friendship and the beauty of the magical world to the real one.  


When Charlotte’s abusive father finds his way inside, he destroys their link to the outside world and breaks the spell that holds the waterglobe world together. Grandmother and the girls must face his brutality, the heartache that plagues them, and a massive, lightning-shot whirlpool if they are to escape before the magic is destroyed and they all cease to exist.









Glass and Magic

 Stories to Tell

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