I was raised in Charleston, South Carolina, a town that seems more water than land and where generations of family secrets are locked behind iron gates and ivy covered garden walls.  I attended a prestigious school for girls where I was taught two valuable life lessons; girls can do anything and the art of writing. Always fascinated by the act of creating something of nothing, I received my BA in Studio Art from the College of Charleston.  


Although I do not possess the natural talent of a professional artist, I was one of those rare people who put my degree to good use.  I started a business planning weddings and creating event flowers, an art form in its own right.  After a decade, working nights and weekends was no longer a good fit for my family.  I shifted careers and taught art and art history to toddlers through teenagers at a Montessori school.  There, I built an immersive arts curriculum, integrating art, drama, history, writing and anthropology.  We dug our own pit kiln and fired pottery when studying Native Americans, made giant Chinese Lion Dance costumes and choreographed dances when studying Asian art, hosted a Renaissance Fair for our unit on Medieval Europe, and recreated a Mayan market and performed a play when learning about the native peoples of South America.


After a lifetime of creating immersive fantasy worlds, enchanted spaces for brides, and voyages to other times and places for students, I returned to writing.  Glass and Magic is my first novel. I still live in Charleston with my tremendously supportive husband, Brandon, my daughter, Dorsey, son, Ben and a rescue greyhound named Doug.  When I am not working on my next book, I enjoy boating, reading, and replicating Pinterest ideas with varying degrees of success.